Join us for a special week dedicated to surf, SUP and yoga at the Surf GIRLS Guest House... specifically tailored to the needs of your individual group.

Together with a SGGH coordinator, create an experience for your guests they will never forget!

  • Customize your surfing schedule

  • Plan unique and beautiful Surf or SUP tours along Puerto Rico's epic coastline

  • Arrange for specific cultural excursions, dependent on the ages and physical abilities of your guests

  • Schedule daily yoga sessions with Puerto Rico's finest instructors, or bring your own (beach yoga, sunset yoga and more) 

  • Create a menu plan from the various restaurants and local eateries that will let your guests explore the culture and tastes of Puerto Rico

  • Include massages for your guests

  • Hire your own personal photographer 

  • Want someone else to handle the finances? We can pre-process your guest payments, leaving you more time to enjoy your retreat & guests


Contact us for more information and let us help you begin planning a retreat, tailored to fit your goals, group size, and budget!

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